Shenikwa Cager is a lover of God, people and the pursuit of life purpose. Having a passion for communicating principles with a refreshingly relevant and practical approach, her desire is to see people come to a full understanding of who they are. Her use of humor, practical applications and personal examples from her life to interact and engage her audience encourages them to embrace the person God created them to be.

Shenikwa is the co-author of, The Inheritance: Accepting Your Daily Gift of Grace. This devotional leads you on a fascinating 40-day journey into “the incomparable riches of God’s grace.” Shenikwa also serves as the Creative Director and Teacher/Speaker for Sheila B. Ministries. She is the founder of a social networking site, “That Wife Life”, where wives have a safe place to encourage each other and discuss issues pertaining to marriage.

Teaching in any arena is her passion. She has used those gifts as a public school educator and a director of a preschool. Shenikwa is a proud graduate of Clark Atlanta University with a B.A in Middle Grades Education. She has been married to her high school sweet heart, Stephen, for 10 years. They are proud parents of Bailey (8) and Brielle Cager (3).




Happily ever after…
That’s what they told us.
Grass is greener on the married side…
That’s what they showed us! 
Then why does my role as a wife seem much more confusing, complicated and downright CRAZY?

Let’s journey together and discover who God says we are as women and how that applies in the context of our marriages


Attendance – Four weeks isn’t that long! We will miss you when you’re not here and will not tell you what you missed!

  • Week 1: A Good Thang
  • Week 2: Facing the GIANTS
  • Week 3: Let's Talk About SEX, Baby!
  • Week 4: The Big F's in Marriage

Participation – You will get out of it what you put in it! Dig deep, work weekly, meet new friends.

Confidentiality – What is said here, stays here, if it leaves here, don’t come back here, YA HERE!?!?


Upon the successful completion of this course, you should:

  • Identify who the word of God says you are as a woman and wife
  • Recognize the importance of your role as wife through Jesus Christ
  • Align a change in your actions based on the change in your thinking
  • Demonstrate an understanding of intimacy and a healthy sex life for your marriage
  • Identify best practices to use when conflict arises
  • Connect with other wives for accountability and encouragement